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Abdominal Muscles Musculi abdominis

Vagina m. recti abdominis. Covering of the rectus abdominis muscle formed by the aponeuroses of the flat abdominal muscles. A 19 M. cremaster. Muscle fibers derived primarily from the internal oblique abdominal muscle. It invests the spermatic cord and elevates the testis. A 19 25 26 31 29 A Abdominal muscles, anterior view 19 25 26 31 29 A Abdominal muscles, anterior view

Indirect Treatment

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of indirect treatment that begins on strong and pain-free parts of the body. Hellebrandt et al. (1947) reported the development of muscle tension in unexer-cised parts of the body during and after maximal exercise of one limb. Other experiments have described electromyographic (EMG) activity in the agonistic and antagonistic muscles of the contralateral upper or lower extremity during resisted isotonic and isometric exercise (Moore 1975 Devine et al. 1981 Pink 1981). The trunk musculature can also be exercised indirectly. For example, the abdominal muscles contract synergistically when a person raises his arm. This activity occurs in normal subjects and in patients suffering from central nervous system disorders as well (Angel and Eppler 1967). An increased passive range of motion can be gained indirectly by using Contract-Relax on uninvolved areas of the body (Markos 1979).


E General state should be assessed, vital signs, signs of dehydration or compromised perfusion (e.g. due to hypovolaemia, sepsis or circulatory failure). Localised Tenderness on examination with involuntary guarding reflex contraction of overlying abdominal wall muscles rebound tenderness sudden removal of a palpating hand causes pain due to movement of the inflamed peritoneum, similarly demonstrated as percussion tenderness or pain evoked by coughing.

The General Abdomen

Pleural Cavity Chest Tube

The plain film findings of free air are numerous and are enumerated in Table 1.1 9 (Fig. 1.1). The optimal film and phase of respiration for the detection of free air are the end inspiratory chest x-ray, and the end expiratory left lateral decubitus films of the abdomen 10 . Besides the usual findings on plain films, computed tomography has shown two new areas, both along the undersurface of the anterior abdominal wall, in which free air may be detected. Above the level of the umbilicus, air may collect in the recess between the two rectus abdominal muscles (along the linea alba). Similarly, below the umbilicus, air may collect along the lateral margins of the rectus sheath 8 .


Direct indications are breathing problems itself. Breathing problems can involve both breathing in (inhalation) and breathing out (exhalation). Treat the sternal, costal, and diaphragmatic areas to improve inspiration. Exercise the abdominal muscles to strengthen forced exhalation.

Midsection Meltdown

Midsection Meltdown

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