Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)

GISTs are rare in children with a broad spectrum varying from benign to malignant tumors. MiETTiNEN et al. (2005) suggested in their study including 44 patients that the pathogenesis of gas tric GISTs may differ from that of adults because no KIT or PDGFRA mutations could be found. They also report that these tumors are often found in the antrum and have a somewhat unpredictable but slow course of disease. The patients usually presented with anemia due to chronic insidious GI blood loss, abdominal pain or a palpable mass (EgLOff et al. 2005). On imaging studies, a GIST will present as a well-defined solid or partially cystic mass; sometimes hemorrhage, necrosis or calcification (extensive or in a mottled pattern) can be seen. Mucosal alteration, intracavitary air-fluid

Fig. 3.19. NHL of the stomach and descending duodenum. (Courtesy of Dr. Carlo Buonomo, Boston, MA, USA)
Fig. 3.20. a A predominantly antral lesion in a 6-year-old with NHL on this T2-weighted axial image. b A predominantly antral lesion in a a 6-year-old with NHL on this T1-weighted coronal image. (Courtesy of Dr. Carlo Buonomo, Boston, MA, USA)

levels and fistulas to the alimentary tract have been described (Fig. 3.21a,b).

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