Post-Operative Appearances of Stomach

One of the most commonly performed procedures on the stomach in children is pyloromyotomy for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. Barium study findings will depend on the time interval between the surgical procedure and barium study. In the immediate postoperative setting, the radiographic findings will be the same as discussed above in the preoperative setting. Gradually this will change over time with the persistence of asymmetry of the pyloric channel. However, after 6 weeks, the pyloric channel will appear normal again in most patients, although some patients will continue to have a degree of antropyloric dysfunction (which even may

Fig. 3.24. Typical appearance of a Nissen fundoplication (arrow)

occasionally lead to the retention of foreign bodies) (Bramson et al. 1994).

Another frequently performed surgical procedure in the pediatric population is antireflux surgery or the Nissen fundoplication. Post-operative imaging is focussed on demonstrating normal antegrade flow and the cuff or "pseudotumor" (Fig. 3.24), its slippage leading to recurrence of gastroesophageal reflux.


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