Radiological Findings

A congenital web appears as an oblique or transverse filling defect in the column of barium, and may be at the same level as a TEF. The esophageal narrowing is smooth and well defined, without evidence of ulceration. Barium swallow reveals an abrupt narrowing in the lower esophagus or a gradually tapering stenosis (Fig. 2.13) (AmAE et al. 2003). Dilatation of the proximal esophagus reflects a high grade stenosis. Filling defects in the barium column can represent a foreign body or food bolus. The entire esophagus must be evaluated after surgical correction of EA. The contrast swallow may reveal an unsuspected congenital esophageal stricture (VAsudEVAN et al. 2002). The stenosis will be missed if the bolus of contrast medium is insufficient to cause adequate distention of the esophagus. Occasionally, a naso-gastric tube is required to administer an adequate bolus to distend the entire esophagus. The esophagus must be evaluated dynamically during fluo-

Fig. 2.13. Congenital esophageal stenosis. Barium swallow reveals a discrete annular narrowing in the distal esophagus. Tracheobronchial rests were found at pathology

roscopy to ensure that a stenosis is not missed or confused with spasm or peristalsis (NEwmAN and BENdER 1997).

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