Meningioma is the most common extra-axial intracranial tumour often found incidentally. Presentation is usually in middle age unless associated with neurofibromatosis type 2 when it occurs in childhood and can be multiple. Meningiomas occur at sites where arachnoid villi are in proximity to the dura such as the venous sinuses. 239

Locations: m cerebral hemispheres; m parasagittal;

m middle fossa and sphenoid bone;

m posterior fossa, cerebellopontine angle, spinal.

Cerebellopontine angle meningiomas may mimic acoustic neuromas. Hyperostosis with skull vault thickening and sclerosis may be present on plain films. CT-imaging features are of a well-circumscribed, slow-growing dense lesion, which may calcify. Enhancement is avid and homogeneous. The prognosis is generally better compared with gliomas and metastatic lesions which are both more common.

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