1. Obstructive hydrocephalus from haematoma in the aqueduct.

2. Communicating hydrocephalus from failure of absorbtion by the arachnoid villi.

3. Vasospasm at 1 week producing brain infarction in associated territory.

4. Rebleeding at 2 weeks.

Common sites for aneurysm formation is at the points of bifurcation:

■ anterior communicating artery 30%,

■ posterior communicating artery 30%, 225

Fig. 5.7 Severe blunt head trauma: 1. skull fracture, 2. air within the skull vault, 3. traumatic subarachnoid blood.
Fig. 5.8 This middle cerebral artery arteriogram shows a berry aneurysm at a point of bifurcation. The patient was being investigated for subarachnoid haemorrhage.

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