Frontal lobe haematomas and cerebral contusion

A wide range of appearances are seen on CT head scans performed for severe head injury. A large proportion of trauma head scans follow road traffic accidents. Haemorrhage is frequently seen in more than one compartment (Fig. 5.35) demonstrates traumatic subarachnoid blood and subdural blood in the same patient. This patient sustained a severe injury and the follow-up scan (Fig. 5.36) demonstrates several pockets of air

Fig. 5.35 CT head scan performed for blunt trauma following a motor vehicle accident. Acute subdural blood seen peripherally and acute traumatic subarachnoid blood is present interdigitating along the sulci.
Fig. 5.36 This is a CT head scan 3 days following blunt head injury (same patient as Fig. 5.35). There is contusion and now quite extensive infarction, and both traumatic subarachnoid and subdural blood is still present.

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