Local complications

■ Abscess: in 10%, 2-4 weeks following severe pancreatitis - E. coli

■ Fistula formation 121

■ HM w 1

* ■ § & 3M/

Fig. 2.39 Pseudocyst. Large fluid-filled pseudocyst anterior to pancreas.

Fig. 2.40 Chronic pancreatitis and pseudocyst. Note the dense amorphous calcification throughout the pancreas.

■ Biliary obstruction

■ Haemorrhage

■ Splenic artery pseudoaneurysm: in up to 10% of severe pancreatitis • Enzymatic errosion of splenic artery: may rupture into pseudocyst

■ Splenic vein thrombosis.

Pseudocyst formation is not limited to acute pancreatitis and may follow 122 chronic pancreatitis (see Fig. 2.40).

Fig. 2.41 Quiz case.

34-year-old male patient. Ventilated on intensive care. Septic and hypotensive. Blood pressure maintained with inotropes including noradrenaline.


Fig. 2.41 Quiz case.

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