Fig. 1.10 Quiz case.

1. Left subclavian artery

2. Left common carotid artery

3. Brachiocephalic artery

4. Left brachiocephalic vein

5. Sternum

6. Superior vena cava (SVC)

7. Trachea

8. Oesophagus

9. Azygous vein

10. Descending aorta

11. Left lower lobe pulmonary artery

12. Oesophagus

13. Main pulmonary artery

14. Aortic root

15. SVC

16. Right pulmonary artery

17. Azygo-oesophageal recess

18. Descending aorta

19. Oesophagus

20. Left ventricle

21. Inferior vena cava (IVC)

22. Right lung (upper lobe)

23. Mediastinum

24. Left main bronchus 11

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