Superior sagittal sinus thrombosis

The axial image shows high signal thrombus within the superior sagittal sinus posteriorly (arrow) (Fig. 6.9), where flowing blood would normally produce a 'flow-void' as in the normal T2-weighted image (Fig. 6.11). The MRV image shows a lack of signal in the expected position of the superior sagittal sinus (arrows) (Fig. 6.10). A further case of sinus thrombosis on MRV (transverse sinus thrombosis) is demonstrated in Fig. 6.12.

Fig. 6.12 Transverse sinus thrombosis MRV.

Predisposing factors

■ Oral contraceptive.

■ Thrombophilia.

■ Systemic malignancy, e.g. childhood leukaemia.

■ Sinusitis and other local sepsis.

■ Intracranial tumours, e.g. meningioma.

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