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Focus on the space between two breaths

In this exercise, you are to just watch your breath. Watch your breath rise as you inhale. There will be a space before the inhale turns into an exhale, then you will exhale and there will be a space before your exhale turns into an inhale inhale space exhale space inhale space exhale space. It will be the same space each time.

The space in all directions Singh 197941

Feel your body being supported, and notice your breath rising and falling. With eyes closed, focus on the space above you as though outer space were directly above you. Focus your attention on the space above you. Keep your attention on the space above you. Now, focus your attention on the space below you. Focus your attention on the void below you. Continue to focus your attention on the void below you. Now, focus your attention on the space just to the right of you. Focus your attention on the void just to your right. Now, I'd like you to focus your attention on the space on the left. Now, focus your attention on the space in front of you, almost as though you're looking into the space and focus all of your attention on the void in front of you, completely in front of you, almost as if you're sitting on the edge, looking into space.

Autonomic Nervous System

The age-related changes in autonomic nervous system (ANS) function are very diverse, and are likely to be associated with many of the age-related changes observed in drug response and toxicity across many therapeutic classes of drugs. Cardiovagal function is diminished, as indicated by age-related decreases in resting heart rate and beat-to-beat heart rate variability. Older individuals have lower vagal tone, as indicated by less increase in heart rate with atropine administration. Other findings consistent with this conclusion are that older individuals have decreased heart rate variation, with deep breathing and reduced increases in heart rate in response to standing. Barore-flex function is also impaired in the healthy elderly, and this is accentuated in the presence of illness common in older patients, such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus (35). Cardiac sympathetic function is also altered, as demonstrated by decreased tachycardic response to isoproterenol and increased...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies for PTSD

Therapist Just start using the breathing techniques we practiced, and pull off the road until you calm down. Then you can either proceed or head home for another trial the next day. I want you to do this three times before I see you again. Donald Meichenbaum developed stress-inoculation therapy (SIT) for the management of anxiety. Stress-inoculation therapy consists of helping patients identify stressors or stressful stimuli, learning adaptive coping while confronting it, and practicing the coping techniques while being faced with the stimuli. Coping techniques used while in the face of a stressor may include self-talk, deep breathing, or thought stopping. The goal is to reduce avoidance and reduce excessive arousal. In 1982, Kilpatrick, Veronen, and Resick modified SIT for treatment of rape trauma. Rothbaum et al. (2000a, b) cite that SIT has been found effective by at least two well-designed studies, but only for sexual assault


Start by feeling your body, how it's placed. Watch your breath rising and falling. Begin to allow a remembrance to come into your awareness pertaining to sadness. What people are involved in the story Where are you in the story Notice if there are sounds and emotions.

Fracture Ribs

M Conservative (for isolated uncomplicated fractures of 20 or if there is respiratory compromise. For haemothorax, patient should also receive fluid and blood resuscitation. Coagulopathies need to be corrected urgently. Cardiothoracic surgery may be necessary if bleeding persists.


A hyperactive gag reflex will hinder swallowing. To help moderate this conditioned reflex, use prolonged gentle pressure on the tongue, preferably with a cold object. Start the pressure at the front of the tongue and work back toward the root. Simultaneous controlled breathing exercises will make the treatment more effective.

Speech Disorders

Ity to vary tone and control breathing. Patients who have only high vocal tones are helped by breathing exercises and ice over the laryngeal area. Patients with only low vocal tone benefit from stimulation of the laryngeal muscles with quick ice followed by stretch and resistance to the motion of l aryngeal elevation. Promote controlled exhalation during speech with resisted breathing exercises (7 Sect. 13.6). Use Combination of Isotonics, starting with resisted inhalation (concentric contraction), followed by prolonged exhalation (resisted eccentric contraction of the muscles that enlarge the chest). During exhalation the patient recites words or counts as high as possible. Work on the patient's control of speech volume in the same way.

Benefits of Control

Findings by psychologists Thomas Strentz and Stephen Auerbach indicate that in such situations it may be more useful to teach people emotion-focused coping strategies (those designed to minimize stress and physiological arousal directly) than problem-focused strategies (those designed to change the stressful situation itself). In a study with volunteers who were abducted and held hostage for four days in a stressful simulation, they found that hostages who were taught to use emotion-focused coping techniques (such as deep breathing, muscular relaxation, and directed fantasy) adjusted better and experienced lower stress levels than those who were taught problem-focused techniques (such as nonverbal communication, how to interact with captors, and how to gather intelligence).


All the procedures and techniques are used in this area of care. Hand alignment is particularly important to guide the force in line with normal chest motion. Use the stretch reflex to facilitate the initiation of inhalation. Continue with Repeated Stretch through range (Repeated Contractions) to facilitate an increase in inspiratory volume. Appropriate resistance strengthens the muscles and guides the chest motion. Preventing motion on the stronger or more mobile side (timing for emphasis) will facilitate activity on the restricted or weaker side. Combination of Isotonics is useful when working on breath control. The patient should do breathing exercises in all positions. Emphasize treatment in functional positions.

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