The editors are grateful to the following staff from the University of the West of England, Bristol:

• Adrian Guy, Audio Visual Technician; Dave Watkins, Senior Skills Technician; and Neil Wakeman, Skills Technician, for their assistance with photographs;

• Jane Wathen, Graphic Designer, for help with some of the images;

• Philip Tubman, On-line Learning Designer, for help with composing some of the images;

• To a number of colleagues who kindly gave their time and agreed to pose for the photographs in this textbook.

We also owe thanks to:

• Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust for permission to reproduce their charts in Chapter 2;

• Blackwell Publishing, for permission to use published material from Jevon (2003) in Chapter 2;

• Resuscitation Council UK for permission to use algorithms in a number of chapters.

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