Bagvalve device

Different sized facemasks

• The facial anatomy of casualties will always vary and so it is important to have a selection of suitable facemask sizes. The facemask will attach to the bag-valve system and a good seal will need to be achieved for effective ventilation.

• The facemasks should be made of clear material so that the operator may observe any blood or vomit coming from the patient's airway.


A two-person technique is recommended when using the bag-valve device with a facemask (Resuscitation Council UK 2000). One rescuer should hold the mask securely in place whilst maintaining a head tilt/chin lift position. The second rescuer should squeeze the bag gently to inflate the casualty's lungs (see Figure 7.9).

Fig. 7.9 Two-person bag-valve-mask ventilation.

The recommended tidal volumes for ventilations given with a bag-valve device with supplemental oxygen are 6-7 ml/kg (Resuscitation Council UK 2000). This tidal volume should provide normal chest movement in the casualty. Table 7.4 offers a guide for delivering supplementary oxygen.

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