Miscellaneous equipment

A miscellaneous drawer is useful for storing essential equipment that may be too bulky or cumbersome or just take up a lot of space in one of the other drawers; for example, spare oxygen masks, laryngoscope bulbs and spares.

Suction catheters

• Any suction device is likely to have a rigid suction catheter already attached to it but several spare catheters should be on the trolley.

• A selection of fine-bore flexible catheters should also be available.

• These catheters may be more appropriately placed in the airway drawer, depending on available space.

Spare canister for the suction apparatus

As it is possible that arrests may occur sequentially with no time for restocking of the trolley, it is most useful to have at least one spare of everything.


The use of personal protective equipment during a cardiac arrest situation is strongly recommended, particularly the use of gloves as contact with body fluids is very likely.

Defibrillation gel pads

Often the defibrillation gel pads are stored on top of the defib-rillator, so that they are immediately obvious to the operator. However, the defibrillator, when attached to the mains in charging mode, will generate a very small amount of warmth and this may dry out the gel pads. Storing them elsewhere is therefore recommended.

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