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Protein and energy requirements in infancy and childhood / editors, Jacques Rigo, Ekhard E. Ziegler. p. ; cm. - (Nestlé Nutrition workshop series. Pediatric program, ISSN 1661-6677 ; v. 58)

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 3-8055-8081-9 (hard cover : alk. paper)

1. Infants-Nutrition. 2. Children-Nutrition. 3. Proteins. 4. Deficiency diseases. I. Rigo, Jacques. II. Ziegler, Ekhard E. III. Nestlé Nutrition Institute. IV. Series: Nestlé Nutrition workshop series. Paediatric programme ; v. 58.

[DNLM: 1. Child Nutrition. 2. Infant Nutrition. 3. Nutritional Requirements. W1 NE228D v.58 2006 / WS 130 P967 2006] RJ206.P76 2006 618.92'01-dc22

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