Acute Myelogenous Leukemia AML

Classification (nejm 199*341 1051)

• Features used to confirm myeloid lineage and subclassify AML to guide treatment: morphology: r granules. ± Auer rods (eosinophilic needle-like inclusions) cytochemistry: » myeloperoxidase and or nonspecific esterase FAB class, based on morphology & cytochem., but falling out of favor (except for M3) immunophenotype:CD13 & CD33 are myeloid antigens;© CD41 associated with M7 cytogenetics: important for prognosis, eg. t( 15; 17) associated with M3 subtype. Other favorable cytogenetics include t(8;21) associated with M2,and inv16 with M4Eo.

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