• Splenomegaly - stasis and trapping in the spleen — macrophagic attack and remodeling of RBC surface — spherocytosis — hemolysis

Causes of Splenomegaly


Reticuloendothelial system hyperplasia Immune hyperplasia


Hemolytic anemia, sickle cell disease, thalassemia major

Infection (HIV. EBV. CMV.TB. malaria, kala-azar. Mycobacterium avium complex), autoimmune disorders (SLE. RA with Feltys syndrome), sarcoidosis, serum sickness


Cirrhosis. CHF. portal splenic vein thrombosis, schistosomiasis

Infiltration (nonmalignant)

Lysosomal storage disorders (Gaucher's. Niemann-Pick). glycogen storage diseases, histiocytosis X. splenic cysts


MPD (CML. AMM/MF. PV. ET). CMML. leukemia/lymphoma (NHL. HL. hairy cell leukemia. CLL). multiple myeloma, amyloid

(boldface caujes of mawive splenomegaly)

(boldface caujes of mawive splenomegaly)

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