Nonthyroidal Illness Sick Euthyroid Syndrome

TFT abnormalities in Pts w severe nonthyroidal illness ( in acute illness. ✓ TFTs only if t concern for thyroid disease); may have acquired transient central hypothyroidism If thyroid dysfxn suspected in critically ill Pt,TSH alone not reliable; must measure total T«, FT«, & Tj

Mild illness: IT« -*T> conversion, t rTj => ITj; in severe illness: ITBG & albumin, tt rTj

U Tj. T degradation of T<. central 1 TSH > UT,. U T«, i FT« i TSH Recovery phase: ' TSH followed by recovery of T« and then Tj Replacement thyroxine not helpful or recommended for critically ill Pts w I Tj and T« unless other s s of hypothyroidism

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