Normocytic Anemias

Pancytopenia (see below) Anemias of chronic disorders

• Anemia of chronic inflammation (see above)

• Renal failure: I epo: may see burr cells; treat w epo (see "Chronic Kidney Disease")

• Endocrine deficiencies: hypometabolism and i Oj demand with thyroid, pituitary, adrenal.

or parathyroid disease — i epo; can be normocytic or macrocytic Sideroblastic anemia (see above) Pure red cell aplasia

• Destructive antibodies or lymphocytes — ineffective erythropoiesis

• Associated with thymoma. CLL, and parvovirus infection

• Diagnostic studies: lack of erythroid precursors on BM bx. other lines normal

• Treatment: thymectomy if thymus enlarged; IVIg if parvovirus infection;

immunosuppression if CLL or idiopathic; supportive care with PRBC transfusions

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