Respiratory Failure


• A-a gradient = Pa02- P*02: normal (on mom air) "4 • age/4" or "2.5 + (.21 x age)" i hypoxemia • normal A-a gradient . problem is excess P,C02 (ie. hypoventilation)

• S»02 (mixed venous Oj sat. nl 60-80%): measure of 02 consumption vs. delivery low S,Oj ; 02 delivery (1 S,02. nl S,02 but I CO or anemia) or excessive 02 consump.

• V/Q mismatch and shunt represent spectrum wI both coexisting in alveolar disease

100% 02 can overcome V/Q mismatch but not Ig shunt given sigmoidal Hg-02 curve

• 1 P,02 (high altitude) and diffusion impairment (ILD • exercise) not causes of acute i P,02

Figure 2-7 Workup of acute hypoxemia

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