Between Sessions Work

1. Review the 5 P's and determine which data and information can be obtained from your organization and which data and information will be collected through other means, such as the microsystem workbook, tools, and forms.

2. Identify who will collect which data and information.

3. Create a timeline for collecting data and reporting on the assessment work.


Purpose: Improving form and function for better living

Approximate Days in Clinic per Month EDC-5.5 CPD-10 CLK-5 JMR-7.5 MAS-7.5

Shared Medical Appointments 3rd Available EDC BRITE-6 weeks CLK BRITE-9 weeks CLK SHAKE-8 weeks JMR PRIDE-8 weeks MAS NOGGIN-7 weeks

Access to MNS

New Patients 3rd Available EDC-9 weeks CPD-12 weeks CLK-9 weeks JMR-8 weeks MAS-11 weeks

Minor Procedures Carpal tunnel improvement activity SBITR-Surgeon booking in two rooms

I-1 Breast reduction process

| Access to OR M SBITR-Surgeon booking in two rooms

MNS Access 3rd Available EDC-23 weeks CPD-18 weeks CLK-5 weeks JMR-7 weeks MAS-6 weeks

Approximate Days in MNS per Month EDC-.5 CPD-4 CLK-5 JMR-6 MAS-4


Follow-Up R/T MD Style Evidence Value added EPF measures by MD Return rate ratio


1:1 Visits

Approximate Days in SMAs per Month EDC-.5 CLK-1.5 JMR-.5 MAS-.5

Shared Medical Appointments Current BRITES with CLK, EDC, SHAKE with CLK, PRIDE with JMR, NOGGIN with MAS Future: Cosmetic

Follow-Up Access 3rd Available EDC-1 weeks CPD-6 weeks CLK-6 weeks JMR-7 weeks MAS-7 weeks

OR Access 3rd Available EDC-6 weeks CPD-6 weeks CLK-4 weeks JMR-5 weeks MAS-6 weeks

Approximate Days in OR per Month EDC-6 CPD-10 CLK-6 JMR-9 MAS-8

Approximate Academic Days per Month EDC-12.5 CPD-1 CLK-7.5 JMR-2 MAS-5

Note: MNS = minor surgery; OR = operating room; RT = return visit

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