How Do You Keep a Rhythm of Improvement

The rhythm of improvement can be maintained through various types of regularly planned events so that staff develop the discipline and pace of improving daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, with a focus on providing care while improving the care (see Figure 12.3). These events include

• Daily five- to seven-minute huddles to convene the clinical team and to make operational and improvement plans for the day

• Weekly sixty-minute lead improvement team meetings

• Monthly all-staff meetings to share improvement activities and discuss processes of care, outcomes, and improvements

• Yearly all-staff retreats to reflect on the past year and plan operations and improvements for the future year


DAILY HUDDLES: (clinical and improvements) 5-7 minutes

• Review yesterday

• Outline contingencies

ANNUAL All-Staff Retreat: 1/2 day

• Review the past year

• Plan for coming year

• Operating plans

• Improvement plans

• Staff development

• Celebrations

Discipline Rhythm Pace

Discipline Rhythm Pace

WEEKLY Improvement Meeting: 60 minutes

• Premeeting work

• Meeting roles and agendas

• Create ideas/brainstorm

• Select ideas/multi-vote

MONTHLY All-Staff Meetings: 60-90 minutes

• Reflect on prior and current month

• Progress on improvement and operating plans

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