Looking Forward and an Invitation Make It Personal and Make It Happen

We invite you to take microsystem thinking into all the nooks and crannies of your health system. Make a line-of-sight plan for going from statements of vision and mission and values and strategy all the way to the front line of care where these statements either become actions—for the benefit of patients and the community— or they do not. Make it possible for your health system to have the characteristics of a hologram. By this we mean that the smallest units embody all of the elements of the largest units with respect to the ends (vision) and the means (strategy) and the worthy aims (values) that inspire people to put forth their best effort and feel good about their work, rather than feeling worn down by the grind.

These images of taking improvement into all the nooks and crannies and of becoming holographic are based on a few principles that we have covered before and that are hard to deny:

• Systems thinking will be needed to improve the health care system.

• Smaller systems are embedded in bigger systems and function together to produce the results enjoyed or deplored by the larger systems.

• The best hope for making health systems ever better is for the members of these systems, at all levels, to work intelligently and consistently to improve results for patients and to improve their own worklife.

In light of these principles we would like to offer every reader an invitation. It is simple and has just four parts.

1. Read this book and think about what it says.

2. Try using the ideas and methods contained in this book. Start here and start now. Do what makes sense to you.

3. Master the ideas and methods. Refine and improve upon them based on your good judgment, your hard work, and your intelligent adaptation to the conditions that shape your world.

4. Celebrate your successes and share what you have learned with others and invite them to do what you have done.

We would like to hear from you about what you do and what you learn. Visit www.clinicalmicrosystem.org frequently and send us your results and stories.

We wish you good luck in turning your aspirations for achieving better outcomes and better working conditions into tangible results that you, your patients, and their families can be proud of.

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