Process Mapping

Chapter Purpose

Aim. To define process-mapping techniques, with a specific focus on high-level flowcharts and deployment flowcharts.

Objectives. At the completion of this unit, you will be able to

• Define process mapping.

• Describe the differences between high-level flowcharts and deployment flowcharts.

• Describe the relationship between the global aim statement for improvement and the flowcharting process.

• Create a high-level flowchart or deployment flowchart using several techniques.

• Develop a process to engage all members of the microsystem in the creation and modification of the flowchart.

Process mapping follows creation of a global aim (see Figure 17.1). A good global aim states where the process begins and where it ends, and therefore points out where the process map should start and where it should finish. This chapter will guide you in creating a process map that is based on the global aim and that will provide insight for the lead improvement team as it determines a more specific aim.


Success Measure

Success Measure

Action plans Gantt charts Chapter 23

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Cause and effect diagrams

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Process mapping flowcharts

Chapter 17

Action plans Gantt charts Chapter 23

Cause and effect diagrams

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