Why Use a Global

The global aim puts your theme into context and is a great place from which to start your improvement work. The global aim states clearly what you intend to improve and may also state numerical goals and dates that will define improvement achievement.

It is often helpful to create stretch goals to strive for when setting out to make an improvement. Setting goals that are very easy to attain may not result in substantial improvement. Achievable stretch goals provide a high-bar aim to strive for. The scientific literature can sometimes help you identify a level of performance achieved by others that may be seen as a stretch target in your microsystem.

The global aim also helps you to operationalize and focus the improvement theme. It is easy to get excited and start tangential conversations when working on improvement. When topics not related to the global aim come up in conversations about improvement, it is often a good idea to write them down in a parking lot list that can be used to identify possible improvement efforts in the future. The global aim statement can keep you focused on the current theme.

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