1885: Horney is born outside Hamburg, Germany.

1904: After a tumultuous marriage, her parents divorce.

1909: Marries Oskar Horney.

1911: First child, daughter Brigitte, is born.

1927: After an increasingly unhappy marriage, Horney leaves her husband, taking her three daughters.

1932: Moves to United States with her youngest daughter, Renate.

1933: Begins psychiatric practice in United States.

1934: Takes teaching position at WashingtonBaltimore Society for Psychoanalysis.

1936: Publishes Feminine Psychology.

1942: Publishes Self-Analysis.

1952: Dies of stomach cancer at age 67.

As noted by Elizabeth Capelle in The Readers Companion to American History, "Horney was a thinker of undeniable originality, and many of the issues she raised can now be seen to be crucial to the psychoanalytic enterprise. Her questions, if not in every case her answers, have been vindicated."

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