Jungs private practice

Jung's actual practice of psychotherapy differed from Freud's in several respects. First, Jung did not follow the Freudian pattern of scheduling patients for five weekly sessions of analysis. Jung usually saw patients only once or twice a week, depending on the stage of their work with him. He also encouraged his patients to take frequent vacations or "holidays" from analysis. Lastly, Jung felt that Freud's custom of having patients lie on a couch positioned so that they could not see the analyst was a hindrance to the therapeutic relationship; he preferred to work with his patients face-to-face.

Moreover, Jung thought it best to approach each patient as a unique individual, with a minimum of presuppositions. "I am often asked about my psychotherapeutic or analytic method. . .. Therapy is different in every case Psychotherapy and analysis are as varied as are human individuals. ... A solution which would be out of the question for me may be just the right one for someone else." For this reason, he preferred to regard therapy more as a process of clearing a path for the patient's progress than as a form of re-education or instruction:

[Analysis] is only a means for removing the stones from the path of development, and not a method . . . of putting things into the patient that were not there before. It is better to renounce any attempt to give direction, and simply try to throw into relief everything that the analysis brings to light, so that the patient can see it clearly and be able to draw suitable conclusions. Anything he has not acquired himself he will not believe in the long run, and what he takes over from authority merely keeps him infantile. He should rather be put in a position to take his own life in hand. The art of analysis lies in following the patient on all his erring ways and so gathering his strayed sheep together.

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