Principal Publications

"Kriegslandschaft" [War Landscape]. Zeitschrift für angewandte Psychologie 12 (1917) 440-447. Der Begriff der Genese in Physik, Biologie und Entwicklungsgeschichte [The Concept of Origin in Physics, Biology, and the History of Evolution]. Berlin: Julius Springer Verlag, 1922.

A Dynamic Theory of Personality: Selected Papers of Kurt Lewin, translated by Donald K. Adams and Karl E. Zener. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1935. Principles of Topological Psychology. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1936.

Resolving Social Conflicts: Selected Papers on Group Dynamics, edited by Gertrud W. Lewin. New York: Harper and Row, Publishers, 1948. Field Theory in Social Science: Selected Theoretical Papers, edited by Dorwin Cartwright. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1951.

mathematical formulae and blackboard diagrams to his lectures. He taught courses in philosophy as well as psychology, and after 1924 began to supervise doctoral candidates as well. At a time when women were still not fully accepted in European universities, Lewin had an unusually large number of female doctoral candidates, many of them from the Soviet Union.

Lewin first came to the attention of British and American psychologists through J. F. Brown, an American who studied with him in Berlin. Brown published a paper on Lewin's methods in an English-language journal in 1929. Lewin had also been invited to give a lecture to the International Congress of Psychology, which met at Yale University in Connecticut in 1929. Lewin brought along a short film he had made of an 18-month-old child—his wife's niece—to illustrate some of his concepts. Even though he lectured in German, his ideas were so interesting that several American students came to Berlin in 1930 to work with him, and two of them translated several of his articles for republication in English. A collection of these translated articles was published in the United States in 1935 under the title A Dynamic Theory of

Personality. By that time Lewin had left Germany permanently.

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