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Even though Lewin is usually classified as a social psychologist, he contributed to so many different areas within psychology that anyone interested in the field is likely to encounter his influence even when his name is not mentioned. The entire specialty of organizational management is indebted to Lewin's work, as well as technical action research and leadership training programs. Even people who have never studied psychology have been exposed to Lewin's theories if they have ever undergone sensitivity training in their workplace or have participated in team-building programs. Anyone who has been involved in encounter groups or similar programs associated with the human potential movement has also been affected indirectly by Lewin's ideas. Although Lewin's theory of personality has not been as influential over the long term as his work in group dynamics, his concept of tension systems and of human behavior as goal-oriented has stimulated countless research projects in the areas of motivation and aspiration—subjects that were once considered off-limits to scientific investigation. Lastly, anyone who studies psychology in the hope or expectation of making a difference in the world around them has Lewin as a forbearer and a model.

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