Agenda purpose and expected outcome

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The global burden of diabetes mellitus and complications Current burden and trends

Diagnosis and classification of complications of diabetes mellitus Clinical practice guidelines for diabetes and its complications

Issues in eye care in diabetics

Eye care deficiencies contrbuting to blindness from diabetic retinopathy

Improving integration of eye care within diabetes management

Patient and pubic education and awareness

Core content of patient and pubic diabetic retinopathy education Materais

Disease and its complications Importance of early detection Efficacy of laser treatment

Production and dissemination of diabetic retinopathy education Materais

Development and publication of materais Integration with diabetes information Community distrbution Clinics/provider distrbution

Early diabetic retinopathy detection and screening approaches

Training of general practitioners in diabetic retinopathy detection Detection and referral within diabetes care clinics Detection within eye care clinics (prmary, secondary tertiary) Community-based screening modes


Review the global burden of diabetes mellitus, its distribution and future trends.

Identify core diabetic retinopathy related eye health education messages for integration with diabetes patient education materials.

Review evidence-based practice guidelines for diabetic retinopathy management and identify potential simplifying adaptations for pubic health application in developing country health care systems.

Define alternative approaches for screening and early detection of diabetic retinopathy among diabetic populations in different settings.

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