Drugs administered for local action

Topical therapy is widely used to treat allergic rhinitis. It is well known that histamine is an important mediator of allergic symptoms causing itching, sneezing and hypersecretion. Research is being directed towards discovering the relative roles of leucotrienes, prostaglandins and other arachidonic acid metabolites in the allergic process. Local eosinophilia is a characteristic feature of allergic rhinitis, some non-allergic rhinitis and nasal polyposis. Rhinitis is commonly treated with topical administration of corticosteroids, sodium cromoglycate or azelastine, an ^-antagonist which is administered via a nasal spray.

The a-adrenergic agonist decongestant sprays containing phenylephrine, xylometazoline or tetrahydrozoline, often used in the management of allergic rhinitis, significantly increase nasal mucous velocity within ten minutes of administration. This is

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