Drugs Administered Via The Pulmonary Route Antiallergy agents

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When the asthmatic response is triggered by an external allergen such as pollen, a major part of the primary immune response consists of the release of histamine from mast cells, a process termed 'degranulation'. Histamine has a wide range of actions in tissues, but in the bronchial tissues it causes constriction of smooth muscle via the H, receptors. This action can be prevented by sodium cromoglycate, which inhibits mast cell degranulation. As a result it has a powerful prophylactic action in asthma, but is of little use for relief of an acute attack. It is valuable for the management of extrinsic asthma and exercise-induced asthma. Cromoglycate is now thought to have an additional actions such as inhibition of pulmonary sensory C-fibre discharge38 39. Anew drug in the category of anti-allergies is nedocromil sodium, which is equipotent with sodium cromoglycate40.

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