G astroresistant gelatin cap

Im permeable capsule body

Cast roresistant band

Figure 7.8 Enteric-coated Pulsincap™ dosage form

Other devices employing time-dependent erosion have been utilized; for example a system termed the 'Time Clock' is composed of a solid core coated with a mixture of hydrophobic material (waxes), surfactant, and water-soluble polymer (HPMC). The coating is designed to slowly erode away and after a predetermined interval the drug is released. Another approach is to use a dosage form coated with an outer enteric polymer and an inner layer of HPMC. The outer layer dissolves exposing the inner layer of HPMC, which gels and slowly erodes away. When erosion has reached a critical level, the drug is released from the inner core of the dosage form.

Finally, a variant of the osmotic pump has been patented which provides colon-specific drug delivery. The enteric-coated pump is activated on leaving the stomach. A drug-free layer adjacent to the delivery port exhausts over the first 3-4 hr following activation. The units then begin to release drug within the colon.

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