Pulmonary Drug Delivery


Structure of the tracheo-bronchial tree Epithelium

Upper airways Bronchi and bronchioles Alveoli

Alveolar-capillary membrane Lung permeability Lung mucus Lung defenses Lung surfactant Blood supply Lymphatic system Nervous control

Cough reflex Biochemical processes which occur in the lung Breathing Respiratory disease Asthma

Acute bronchitis Chronic bronchitis Pulmonary emphysema Bronchiectasis

DOSAGE FORMS FOR PULMONARY DRUG DELIVERY Pressurized inhalation aerosols Dry powder inhalers Nebulizers

Spacer devices and ancillary equipment ASSESSMENT OF DEPOSITION BY GAMMA SCINTIGRAPHY Choice of radiolabel Labeling inhalation formulations Labeling dry powder inhalers Validation

FACTORS AFFECTING PARTICLE DEPOSITION IN THE LUNG Physicochemical properties Deposition patterns from different dose forms Physiological variables

Inhaler technique Effects of disease DRUG ABSORPTION PHARMACOKINETICS

DRUGS ADMINISTERED VIA THE PULMONARY ROUTE Anti-allergy agents Beta receptor agonists Adrenocorticosteroids Leukotriene inhibitors Other bronchodilating agents Mucolytics

Systemically-absorbed drugs REFERENCES

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