Rectal Administration Of Drugs

The rectal route of drug administration offers several advantages, including a) a relatively large dosage form can be accommodated in the rectum b) the rectal route is safe and convenient for elderly and young patients c) drug dilution is minimized as the residual fluid volume is low d) the rectum is generally empty e) absorption adjuvants have a more pronounced effect than in the upper gastrointestinal tract f) degradative enzymes in the rectal lumen are at relatively low concentrations g) therapy can easily be discontinued h) first-pass elimination of drug by the liver is partly avoided

The rectal route is often used when administration of dosage forms by mouth is inappropriate, for example, in the presence of nausea and vomiting, in unconscious patients, if upper gastrointestinal disease is present which could affect the absorption of the drug, or if the drug is unpleasant tasting or acid-labile.

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