We would like to thank the many faculty, students and staff who have contributed to various aspects of developing and validating the imaging technology described in this chapter. Specifically, Drs H Herschman, J Barrio, ME Phelps, SR Cherry, L Wu, A Berk, M Dahlbom, A Chatziioannou, T Toyokuni, N Satyamurthy, M Namavari, A Wu, A Green, X Sun, Q Liang, D MacLaren, S Yaghoubi, K Nguyen, E Bauer, M Iyer, Y Wang, R Goldman, D Pan, J Walsh, N Adonai, Y Yu, A Annala, P Shah and A Borghei. We would like to thank P Ray and M Patel for their help in editing this chapter. We also gratefully acknowledge the funding support provided by the NIH, DoE and CaPCure.

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