The combined PET/CT project involved many people at the University of Pittsburgh, CTI PET Systems in Knoxville, Tennessee and Siemens CT division in Forchheim, Germany over the last few years. In particular, we acknowledge the seminal contribution of Dr

Ron Nutt who led the PET/CT prototype development team at CTI PET Systems, and Dr Charles Watson who led the development of the CPS PET/CT scanner. The PET instrumentation and methodology group at the University of Pittsburgh made a major contribution to this project, in particular Drs Paul Kinahan, Jonathan Carney, David Brasse and Jeffery Yap. Finally we acknowledge the many physicians and technologists in the Pittsburgh PET Facility who contributed to the PET/CT clinical evaluation programme, especially Drs Charron, Meltzer, Blodgett, and McCook, and technologists Denise Ratica, Stacey Mckenzie, Marsha Martinelli and Donna Mason. The PET/CT development project is supported by National Cancer Institute grant CA 65856.

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