1 Positron Emission Tomography in Clinical Medicine

Michael N Maisey 1

2 Physics and Instrumentation in PET

Dale L Bailey, Joel S Karp and Suleman Surti 13

3 Data Acquisition and Performance Characterization in PET

Dale L Bailey 41

4 Image Reconstruction Algorithms in PET

Michel Defrise, Paul E Kinahan and Christian J Michel 63

5 Quantitative Techniques in PET

Steven R Meikle and Ramsey D Badawi 93

6 Tracer Kinetic Modeling in PET

Richard E Carson 127

7 Coregistration of Structural and Functional Images

David J Hawkes, Derek LG Hill, Lucy Hallpike and Dale L Bailey 161

8 Anato-Molecular Imaging: Combining Structure and Function

David W Townsend and Thomas Beyer 179

9 Radiohalogens for PET Imaging

N Scott Mason and Chester A Mathis 203

10 Progress in nC Radiochemistry

Gunnar Antoni and Bengt Längström 223

11 Metal Radionuclides for PET Imaging

Paul McQuade, Deborah W McCarthy and Michael J Welch 237

12 Radiation Dosimetry and Protection in PET

Jocelyn EC Towson 251

13 Whole-Body PET Imaging Methods

Paul D Shreve 267

14 Artefacts and Normal Variants in Whole-Body PET and PET/CT Imaging Gary JR Cook 281

15 The Technologist's Perspective

Bernadette F Cronin 295

16 PET Imaging in Oncology

Andrew M Scott 311

17 The Use of Positron Emission Tomography in Drug Discovery and Development

William C Eckelman 327

18 PET as a Tool in Multimodality Imaging of Gene Expression and Therapy

Abhijit De and Sanjiv Sam Gambhir 343



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