CT Scanner

The CT components of the prototype PET/CT is a Siemens Somatom AR.SP, a single-slice spiral CT scanner with a 25 kW M-CT 141 tube that produces X-ray spectra of 110 kVp and 130 kVp. The detector array comprises 512 xenon gas-filled chambers. A slice thickness of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 mm can be selected, with a maximum rotation speed of 1.3 s. For compatibility with the PET components mounted on the same support, the combined assembly is limited to a rotation speed of 30 rpm. The transverse field of view is 45 cm and the patient port is 60 cm. CT data transfer is over mechanical slip rings, as is the power to the X-ray tube and detectors. The tilting capability of the CT is disabled.

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