Case Presentation

A After seating an expansive mandibular anterior bridge, the canine exhibited acute symptoms. The radiograph (slight excentric projection) reveals one root canal.

B/C Using the surgical microscope at 20-25X magnification, a second canal orifice was detected lingual to the already instrumented primary canal.

D Endodontic procedure with the OPMI 111.

E Probing the second root canal with a #15 file and a chelator gel (File Care).

F Between instrument changes, the floor of the cavity is checked under 16-25X magnification. Because of better overview, instrumentation is always performed using lower magnification.

G Both root canals were connected via an isthmus, which still contained tissue debris.

H Following completion of the root canal filling, the radiograph depicts both root canals. Following treatment, the patient was pain-free.

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