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ScriptVocalizer is a text-to-speech engine. It's one of the best tools you can find in the market with great features for voice-overs. The app makes video creation simple and straightforward for everyone, including those who know nothing about voice-overs. It synthesizes any text you provide into clear and high-quality audio. What's more, it converts text into a speech that sounds real in either male or male voice. To access it, you need an authorized app with unrestricted access to the Amazon Polly. It is a creation of Andrew Darius, an experienced digital marketer, and a professional software developer. His other notable products include Explaindio Player, OptinUp and the SalesCopyMaker. This tool will enable you to use 24 languages and has 47 types of lifelike voices. ScriptVocalizer generates speech in several languages, making it easy for you to add it to applications that have a global audience, including videos, websites, and RSS feeds. Regardless of your current location, having this will boost your exposure online. More here...

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Medical Services Abroad

When ongoing medical care such as hemodialysis is required during travel, arrangements should be made in advance by having the traveler's physician contact an appropriate specialist at the destination. A list of English-speaking physicians throughout the world is available from the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT). Personal Physicians World wide will locate an appropriate English-speaking physician abroad and arrange medical appointments for the traveler. Subscribers to Shoreland's EnCompass service, a web-based travel medicine resource, have access to information concerning health care facilities in a number of developing countries.

Animal learning as lab science

Around the same time, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov was studying the digestive systems of dogs. He noticed that dogs would salivate when they saw their keeper, apparently in anticipation of being fed. This observation led him to perform a classic series of experiments. Pavlov showed that, by repeated association, a previously neutral stimulus (such as a bell) could be substituted for a natural stimulus (such as food) to produce a natural response (such as salivation). This process became known as classical conditioning. Pavlov's work was first published in his native Russian. In 1909, Yerkes and Sergius Morgulis coau-thored a paper that brought Pavlov's ideas to an English-speaking audience.

Sources for Further Study

Blackwell, Arshavir, and Elizabeth Bates. Inducing Agrammatic Profiles in Normals Evidence for the Selective Vulnerability of Morphology Under Cognitive Resource Limitation. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 7, no. 2 (1995) 228-257. Raises caution about the interpretation of agrammatic aphasia as evidence for a grammar module and proposes global resource diminution as an alternative explanation. Boroditsky, Lera. Does Language Shape Thought Mandarin and English Speakers' Conceptions of Time. Cognitive Psychology 43, no. 1 (2001) 1-22. Three empirical studies to test the Whorfian hypothesis of language's ability to shape speakers' abstract conceptions. Chomsky, Noam. Aspects of the Theory of Syntax. Cambridge, Mass. MIT Press, 1965. Explains the innate universal grammar and how the transformational grammar works to map the deep structures to surface structures.

Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder DSM code 31532

That certain properties of a given language have consequences for patterns of thought about reality Language embodies an interpretation of reality and language can influence thought about that reality. Many researchers have tested these claims. Lera Boroditsky, for example, in a 2001 study examined the relationship between spatial terms used to talk about time and the way Mandarin Chinese speakers (using vertical spatial metaphors) and English speakers (using horizontal spatial metaphors) think about time. The findings suggested that abstract conceptions, such as time, might indeed be subject to the influence from specific languages. On the other hand, the influence between language and thought might be more likely bidirectional than unidirectional. Many examples from the Civil Rights movement or the women's movement, such as the thought of equality and bias-free linguistic expressions, can be cited to illustrate the reciprocal relationships between the two.

Tranche of Analysis

One particular feature of her mother, which became important in the transference, was her language. Although she was of German Jewish origin, she would only speak English at home, creating a sort of phony communication that certainly did not correspond to her original culture. Then she had added another falsity she had renounced her Jewish origins and been baptized.

Providing Comprehensive Adolescent Friendly Health Care to Incarcerated Juveniles

In addition to being adolescent specific, services provided to juvenile justice detainees should be culturally and linguistically competent. This includes sensitivity to the ways that culture and health interact. An individual's culture can have profound impact on how pain and illness manifest and when and how individuals seek care. Youth from cultures with stoic attitudes toward illness, may not present for treatment. Also, the acknowledgment and treatment of mental illness may not be acceptable in some cultures which could prevent those youth from seeking treatment for symptoms. As the juvenile justice system is so diverse, professionals need to be trained to assess the effect of culture (including aculturization and cultural isolation) on a detainee's health and risk behavior. Youth may be the first generation in their family to be born in the United States, or may have immigrated recently. These youth may be trapped between the health perceptions of two cultures during the already...

Kurt Koffka

Kurt Koffka (1886-1941) was born into a comfortable, upper-class family in Berlin on March 18, 1886. His father, an attorney, had served as a royal legal councilor. Koffka had governesses as a child, one of whom was English-speaking. He attended the University of Berlin and used the English he had learned as a child when in 1904 he took a year to study at the University of Edinburgh. Like Max Wertheimer before him, he changed his major from philosophy to psychology when he returned to Germany in 1905. Koffka's earliest published work studied color blindness, a subject he knew something about due to his own color blindness. In 1909, Koffka served as assistant to two of Germany's luminaries in psychology Karl Marbe and Oswald Kulpe. That same year he married Mira Klein, whom he had gotten to know when she served as a subject for experiments related to his doctoral dissertation.

Universal grammar

Specifies rules to form words (for example, prefixes, suffixes, grammatical morphemes such as -ed, and rules to form compound words such as blackboard ). Syntax deals with rules for word order in sentences (such as, I speak English, but not I English speak ). Furthermore, the syntax of human language has four core elements, summarized in 1999 by Edward Kako as discrete combinatorics (each word retains its general meaning even when combined with other words), category-based rules (phrases are built around word categories), argument structure (the arguments or the participants involved in an event, labeled by verbs, are assigned to syntactic positions in a sentence), and closed-class vocabulary (the grammatical functional words, such as the, on, or and, are usually not open to addition of new words).

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