15.1 For the nominal and waste aging cases mentioned in Example 15.1, what is the cancer risk corresponding to the estimated doses for the MEI?

15.2 Referring to Example 15.3, what concentrations in drinking water would correspond to a 5 x 10-5 risk for toluene and 1,1-dichlorobenzene? Assume an average adult consumption rate of 1.5 L/d.

15.3 Consider the data provided in the third row (CAS 62-53-3) of Table 15.3. Based on these data, estimate the concentration at which 10% of the population would die.

15.4 The EISs cited in Example 15.1 estimate radiation doses to workers and the public and doses from normal operations and accidents. Based on the discussion in Chapter 13, what are some of the factors that might influence the perception and evaluation of these risks?

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