Aneroid and randomzero sphygmomanometers

In an attempt to obliterate observer bias associated with mercury sphygmomanometer^ the Hawksley random-zero sphygmomanometer was introduced. However, evidence suggests that it underestimates blood pressure (O'Brien et al., 1990) and therefore is not a suitable replacement for the mercury sphygmomanometer.

Aneroid devices were also suggested as a mercury-free alternative and are popular for use in the community, as it is easily portable. They are reported to become less accurate over time (Coleman et al., 2005; Waugh et al., 2002) and with extended use. Modern aneroids may use better materials but there are few data assessing them longitudinally. It therefore remains a recommendation to do regular calibration checks to reduce possible error in measurement.

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    Are aneroid devices suitable replacements for mercury sphygmomanometers?
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