Early studies on remote prognosis of eclampsia and preeclampsia

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The literature on this subject up to 1980 was reviewed in some depth by Leon Chesley, who is perhaps one of the key figures in much of the early work (Chesley, 1980). The majority of these studies employ cohorts of women who experienced some form of hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. Comparison was made either with matched control groups or population average incidences for the given outcome. The vast majority of these early studies focused on chronic hypertension as the outcome. The conclusion of these early studies was that eclampsia and pre-eclampsia were not associated with an increased risk of chronic hypertension in later life. Gestational hypertension was associated with an increased risk of chronic hypertension. The apparent paradox that the mildest form of the disease had the strongest association with long-term prognosis was explained by the fact that women diagnosed with ''gestational hypertension" probably had first diagnosis of essential hypertension in pregnancy. Since the early work described above, more recent studies have re-examined this research question and have often employed larger cohorts of women. The following sections will describe the major findings of subsequent large scale studies.

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