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The Drug Screening Process

Spectrophotometric devices, called microplate readers, collect raw data resulting from colorimet-ric or fluorescent screens. Similarly, scintillation devices measure the amount of radioactivity in samples from drug screens. The computer format of the data will then allow it to be exported into a spreadsheet or statistical analysis computer program for analysis.

Phase 1 The Original Experimental Design

We chose to employ microarrays containing 5147 cDNAs spotted onto nylon filters marketed by Invitrogen, Inc. and manufactured by ResGen, Inc. (Fig. 7.1). In the fall of 1999 we purchased a set of filters and the associated probe labeling reagents and hybridization buffers to expedite our studies. These filters were chosen for several reasons, including the low initial startup cost, the fact that the reagents and methods for probe preparation and array visualization were already present in our lab, and that at the time, ResGen had by far the largest commercially available collection of rat cDNAs present on an array. Over the course of a year, we performed a series of 16 hybridizations to the gf300 arrays and analyzed the output data with custom spreadsheets developed in our lab.

Design for Structure of Repeat Proteins

Next, obtain the number of occurrences for each amino acid in a certain column (coded by a single a letter) representing the particular position in the alignment. On a separate (or the same) sheet, use the command COUNTIF (range, criteria), where range is the range of cells from which you want to count cells (e.g., in one particular column). Criteria is the criteria in the form of a number, expression, or text that defines which cells will be counted (e.g., cells containing A) this will give you the number of occurrences of alanine at this position (e.g., one column representing a sequence position on the previous spreadsheet) in the alignment. An example of such data layout is given in Table 1, e.g., second row of second column will in the example give the number of occurrences of alanines (A) in this position (1. position in alignment see also Microsoft Excel help for examples the usage of function COUNTIF). From this, it is easy to calculate frequencies of occurrence for each amino...

Modeling Assurance

Modeling assurance refers to measures designed to enhance the level of confidence that can be placed in model predictions. The primary assurance techniques are verification and validation (Figure 2.2). Given the ubiquitous use of computers and computer software in risk assessment, special importance is attached to assuring that mistakes are not made. Verification is the process of assuring that the mathematical model is accurately translated into the computational model. The computational model could be a computer code written in a language such as Fortran or C++, a symbolic mathematical package, or a spreadsheet. One approach is to configure the computational model to solve a reference problem. Frequently, these reference problems are formulated in such a way (simple geometries, boundary

Quantifying data

The characteristics of a standard curve are shown in Figure 2.1 and described in the section on standard curves. Most real-time instruments have software that will calculate the amount of unknown values in the same units designated in the standard curve, but unknowns can be calculated in a spreadsheet using the formula


Unfortunately I do not know of any web-based servers that will automatically calculate the frequency of occurrence of all the amino acids at each position in an alignment. These calculations can be quite tedious for a large alignment. It is fairly straightforward to write a script in Perl (http ) to perform this task. Another approach is to load the alignment into a Microsoft Excel worksheet. Once loaded, the Autofilter procedure (this command is found by selecting Data, then Filter) provides a very simple and powerful means to count the occurrences of any residue at any position of the alignment. Although it is rarely used for sequence alignment editing and display, Excel is also useful for these purposes.


Twenty-first century children can access more information at greater speed than any generation in history, says Wilborn Hampton, an editor at the New York Times, writing about children, television, and the Internet. He cautions that teachers and parents must teach this fledgling generation of the cyberspace age to look beyond the first answer they get. His caution, like Piaget's regarding the application of his theories, is worth remembering in this age of artificial intelligence and worldwide connectivity through the Internet. The Internet is a goldmine of information and resources on virtually any topic imaginable. Specialized search engines assist in computerassisted learning and retrieval of information, and the interactive multimedia encyclopedias and CD-ROM technology can provide a rich and stimulating learning experience with opportunity for both collaborative and individual learning. Tools such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and drawing programs enable a student...

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