Cheek UFlap

This flap is rarely used because it conforms poorly to the RSTLs, especially in its superior portion. It can be used in cases of tumor recurrence involving the nasal flank and medial canthal area, especially if median forehead flaps have already been used. Banana-

shaped excisions can be made at the end of the flap instead of Burow's triangles. One alternative to the U-flap is the Esser-Imre cheek advancement (see Fig. 8.2).

Figures 5.27-5.31 illustrate several practical flap techniques that can be used to reconstruct smaller defects throughout the nasal region:

- The double Dufourmental flap (Fig. 5.27), well suited for reconstructing smaller defects,

- Transposition flaps (see Fig. 5.19).

- Double transposition flaps (Fig. 5.31).

Biolobed Surgery Scar
Fig. 5.26 Cheek U-flap is rarely used as it runs across the RSTLs.
Biolobed Surgery Scar
Fig.5.27a-d Double Dufour-mentel flaps.
Burows Triangles Plastic Surgery
Fig. 5.28a-c Bilobed flap

Fig. 5.29a, b Bilobed flap

Bilobed Flaps

Fig. 5.29a, b Bilobed flap

Abbe Flap ProcedureDuformental Flap

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