Defect in the Medial Canthus

A medial defect can be repaired with an Imre cheek rotation flap combined with a rotation flap from the forehead (see Figs. 5.2-5.8).

Fig. 8.5 Modified Imre flap. The scar is located in the alar groove.
Esser Rotation Flap

Fig. 8.6 Modified Esser cheek rotation (see Fig. 8.1). It may be necessary to extend the flap incision around the mandibular angle. Burow's triangles are excised for counter-rotation and to reduce the size of the secondary defects.

Fig. 8.7a, b Imre cheek rotation combined with a small forehead flap to repair a defect involving the cheek and medial canthal area (see Figs. 5.2-5.8; see also Fig. 8.2).

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