Sliding Flap

The sliding flap of Barron and Emmet (1965), which has a lateral subcutaneous pedicle (see p. 13 and Figs. 3.11 -3.14), has proven useful for reconstructing de

Fig. 5.4a, b V-Y advancement with a Z-plasty.

Fig. 5.5a, b Closure with a small transposition flap.

Bilobed Flap Nose

Fig. 5.6a, b Closure with a bilobed flap.

fects located more in the upper lateral portion of the nasal bridge. Besides a simple transposition flap (Fig. 5.5), a specially designed V-Y advancement flap (Fig. 5.3) or V-Y advancement with a Z-plasty (Fig. 5.4) can be used.

Fig. 5.7 Sliding flap with a lateral subcutaneous pedicle. a Outlining the flap. b Closure of all defects.

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