Small Lateral Cheek Defects

These defects can be repaired with various flaps, such as transposition flaps (Fig. 8.12), the trapezoidal flaps described by Limberg or Dufourmentel (Fig. 8.13; see Figs. 3.24-3.27), by flap advancement, or by Z-plasties (Figs. 8.14 and 8.15).

Fig. 8.12a, b Small preauricular transposition flap (can be cut slightly smaller than the defect). Scar revision may be necessary as a secondary procedure.

Fig. 8.13a, b Limberg flap (rhomboid flap; see Figs. 3.243.27).

Fig. 8.14a, b Double advancement flap (see Fig. 3.1 ).
Burows Triangle
Fig. 8.15 a, b Small cheek defect repaired by a Z-plasty (see Figs. 2.15 and 4.1).

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