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Reinforcement. Reinforce, as defined in Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, is "to strengthen by fresh addition, make stronger."

pull your leg up

let me pull you slowly back don't let me pull you down, try to keep your leg here "m your leg here

I have to pull to keep my leg here

□ Fig. 2.1. Types of muscle contraction of the patient. a Isotonic concentric: movement into a shortened range; the force or resistance provided by the patient is stronger. b Isotonic eccentric: the force or resistance provided by the therapist is stronger; movement into the lengthened range. c Stabilizing isotonic: the patient tries to move but is prevented by the therapist or another outside force; the forces exerted by both are the same. d Isometric (static): the intent of both the patient and the therapist is that no motion occurs; the forces exerted by both are the same b a c

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